Turn on the music, listen to the music, and receive New Year greetings from Linpo’s new website! May your wishes come true, health and happiness in the new year!

Farewell thank you

We will walk together in 2022, and LINPO would like to thank all customers, suppliers and people from all walks of life who support and care for us. LINPO would like to thank every LINPO person fighting in institutions all over the world. You are all good. We have gone through a difficult year together. Every colleague has made arduous and outstanding efforts and contributed to the development of the group. This year, everyone’s life and work were not easy, but everyone tried their best to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, and maintained their enthusiasm for work and firm support for the company. This year, everyone went out to work hard, and it was difficult to expand their business, but everyone won the recognition and trust of customers with sweat and perseverance. Dear LINPO family members and all the partners who have helped us, no matter how many trials and tribulations you have experienced in 2022, we will send it into history when the bell rings in 2023.

Welcome new business

A brand new 2023 is coming. When we look back on the past year, when we talk about the complicated past and the warmth of the world again, we will thank ourselves for our courage and responsibility. Similarly, we all understand that what we believe in has never changed. With our hard work and persistence, the bright future is like looking up at the stars in the starry sky, with warm light, tenacity and eternity. Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, there will be no delay due to changes, the wheel of time always moves forward as always. In 2023, we ushered in a favorable unblocking policy in mainland China; In 2023, we will carry on the past and forge ahead and set sail for a long journey. 2023 is an important moment for the 40th anniversary of the Group, and we will celebrate the glory we have traveled along the way; 2023 is a year for us to base ourselves on the present and expand into new businesses. We will continue to go abroad and expand our scope.

Good luck

In this special year-end and new year, let us bid farewell to yesterday, in the name of today and tomorrow, Happy New Year to everyone who cares about us and what we love, and wish the 40th anniversary of Lianbao Group even better! May every suffering be the brewing of our rebirth from the cocoon; May every firm footstep record the glory of you and me; May every year’s departure bring everyone’s light and ideals. Come on, everyone at LINPO; Come on, LINPO!

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