The new linpo website will be grandly upgraded and launched on January 1, 2023 after careful planning and the introduction and implementation of new technical solutions.

The new website fully adopts wordpress, the benchmark technology of global open source website construction, and is planned and implemented by LINPO’s own technical team and business team.

At the same time, the new website will build a total of 10 sites for the group’s main station website and the websites of each affiliated company, and a total of 9 sites are the implementation targets of this wordpress site construction project. Through the jump link, the group station can communicate with the branch sites of the 9 companies it belongs to.

The terminus adopts a one-screen concise style, with corporate image and publicity as the main functional positioning, telling brand stories, corporate development history and introducing local institutions, and at the same time providing users with quick link entrances and contact information for each subsidiary website.

The style of the new website is simple, the appeal is clear, and it is important to try to carry out online component inquiry and inventory sales on the larger branch websites. The new website cluster can provide users with information, products, and services at the same time. Online support and inquiry services greatly facilitate the three-dimensional interaction and continuous cooperation between online and offline customers and LINPO’s sales organizations, improve the efficiency of inquiry and support communication, and expand the breadth of the communication platform. In the foreseeable future, I believe that Linpo will be able to provide partners and customers with more effective and high-quality channel services and product solution support in a more three-dimensional and convenient manner through the continuous construction of the online platform and rich content. The new website will also provide efficient, convenient and low-cost marketing support for LINPO’s overseas market expansion business.

The epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to the world and China in the past three years.The crisis has also given birth to new thinking and new methods in the future development of the company. Forge ahead, never forget the original intention, stay alive forever, walk with the chip, and see together In the future, let us work together with our customers and excellent brand device manufacturers to create a colorful new future.

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